Window Cleaning

We still use the traditional mop and blade cleaning for interior cleaning and we use it on very small window cleaning jobs when it’s quicker than getting the UP system set up.

However when it comes to large scale cleaning, it tends to be more labour intensive and slower on the whole – access to high areas can be an issue, especially for exterior work.

How does Ultra-Pure water pole cleaning work?

Ultra-Purified Water is not new in the UK, Europe and USA, but it has been a bit slower to catch on in NZ. It’s been our system of choice since 2013 for the economical and obvious safety benefits. 

It is always our first preference to work from the ground – with our high reach carbon fibre technology we can do that most of the time. That said, even if we are abseiling or working from a MEWP the Ultra-Pure cleaning system far exceeds traditional manual methods in both time and cost savings.

This method of window cleaning involves scrubbing the glass with a specialist brush or microfibre pad through a water-fed pole system, the filtering process removes virtually all solids from the water enabling it to evaporate off the glass without leaving spots.

Ultrapure water can be used for cleaning any substrate – it works very well on sensitive facades and cladding panels that can’t be pressure cleaned using traditional methods.

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