About Us

ADLER Commercial Building Wash Services has a long history in commercial maintenance cleaning for New Zealand’s major commercial real estate management companies as well as many others besides.

Previously operating under the PJF brand – this division was rebranded in 2018 to better reflect our type of service. In fact, we thought we’d grow a pair of wings and go to market under our new brand – ADLER.

Since you asked, ‘where did Adler come from’ – well sit tight and we’ll explain;

Coming up with a new name for an existing brand/business is actually a lot harder than it looks! We wanted to go ‘animal’ so in the end the mighty eagle was selected, it’s the apex predator in the avian world (which is a good start). Like us, eagles enjoy flying at high altitude for great lengths of time, this is one characteristic that makes them unique, also (insert drum roll).. an eagle will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey.

The name ADLER to us represents strength, competitiveness and remaining the top of the game. (side note; Adler means ‘Eagle’ in German)

We have office locations in both Auckland and Christchurch and we have the skill and expertise to effectively manage any small or large-scale building wash project throughout the country. Our ready team of cleaning operators will transform those first impressions for you – year in year out.

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