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Exterior Low-Pressure Building Wash

The Exterior Low-Pressure Building Wash is our most popular service, this can be simply described as a chemical solution sprayed or foamed on to the building substrate – followed by a hot or cold wash using a low-pressure water jet. Similar to how you wash your car – we even scrub your building if required.

We have a number of specialist cleaning products we use for different applications, all are NZ formulations and manufactured by one of our local chemical manufacturers. Our emphasis is on the ‘less is more’ philosophy and we use super concentrated products to reduce packaging and carbon footprint from transporting. It’s important that our chemical suppliers have a demonstrable environmental policy and we look for endorsements such as NZ environmental choice approved.

Annual cleaning of building facades is recommended, it will lengthen the life of your painted or pre-finished substrate. Airborne salt and dirt build up on the surface should be removed through washing to prevent premature corrosion and rusting. Your cladding warranty may be dependant on a more frequent clean depending on your location.

Window Cleaning

We offer the following:
• Cleaning up to 6 stories from the ground – depending on building design
• A pure water spot-free finish – every time
• More cost savings so you can clean more often within the same budget, or enjoy the savings.
• We also provide interior window cleaning services in certain locations.

A specialist window cleaning operation for commercial property

Ultra-Purified Water is not new in the UK, Europe and USA, but it has been a bit slower to catch on in NZ. It’s been our system of choice since 2013 for the economical and obvious safety benefits.

It is always our first preference to work from the ground – with our high reach carbon fibre technology we can do that most of the time. That said, even if we are abseiling or working from a MEWP the Ultra-Pure cleaning system far exceeds traditional manual methods in both time and cost savings.

This method of window cleaning involves scrubbing the glass with a specialist brush or microfibre pad through a water-fed pole system, the filtering process removes virtually all solids from the water enabling it to evaporate off the glass without leaving spots.

To find out if Ultra-Pure Water window cleaning will benefit you please click the link below

Roof Washing

We’re not here to tell you that roofs are an important fixture on your building. From providing insulation to keeping you dry, we’d assume you know that already! What you might not know, however, is that your roof actually needs a fair amount of maintenance, they tend to be out of sight – out of mind and can be the most neglected area on your building.

In proportion to the rest of your property, they are a significant surface area and they catch as much or more dirt as the walls. A roof replacement is not cheap and there are ways you can extend the life of your roof. One way is to minimise the number of penetrations and fixtures mounted on the roof – the other way is through regular and thorough cleaning.

Remember, most of the dust that lands on your roof runs off into the gutters and builds up a mud layer, it also forms a base for moss and lichen to grow through moisture retention. A low-pressure chemical wash every 12 – 24 months is a great investment.

See our Moss Treatment services for other options for roofs.

Annual cleaning of roof surfaces is recommended, Airborne salt and dirt build up on the surface should be removed through washing to prevent premature corrosion and rusting (rain is not enough). It’s a good idea to check your roof warranty to see the manufacturers cleaning requirements.

Moss & Lichen Treatment

Moss and Lichen treatment frequency will vary depending on the level of soiling and re-growth, in some regions we recommend alternating Moss treatments and Chemical washing each year to get the best results.
Typically we recommend treatment every 2 years on steel roofs and every 12 months on membrane or tile roofs.

Moss treatments are designed to kill the plant spores that break through your paint or roof coatings causing decay.

That’s why in some regions it is more important to treat surfaces more often – higher rainfall areas in certain parts of the North Island and West Coast of NZ mean growth is more prevalent. Moss treatments are usually a Benzylamonium Chloride solution sprayed on to your roof or walls at a specific dilution rate suited for the level of growth. Once the solution has done its work the natural weathering process gently takes the decomposing material away over time. Our operators are trained in the correct procedures for chemical treatments, including disconnecting rainwater collection systems prior to treating your roof.

This method of cleaning can is sometimes described as Soft-Washing and while mostly used on roofs – it can also be successfully applied to wall cladding, patios, car parks, fences and structures.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters – every building has them and they serve an important purpose so don’t neglect them.

We’re yet to meet a property manager that enjoys getting frantic phone calls about internal leaks from overflowing gutters. If you manage or care for property, take it from us – gutters, sumps and rain-heads on commercial roofs get overlooked and reactive maintenance can be costly.

If your building has internal parapet channels or valleys you should be extra vigilant – these are prime locations for birds (dead and alive) to reside and block the flow. Regular checking and cleaning is much more cost effective than reactive repairs and cleaning.

We can reach up to 2 levels from the ground using high reach vacuum equipment. If this can’t be done on your building, we have trained operators with all the necessary equipment to work safely on your roof.

Steam Cleaning

All our operators run a hot water blasting unit capable of reaching high temperatures for specialist cleaning.

Some applications include graffiti removal, paint stripping, grease and gum removal.

Spider Spraying

Spider webs are the most visible sign of neglect on any building but easy to overcome. Treatments are best done every 6 months and approx 1 – 2 months before your next building wash. Treating surfaces won’t remove the webs, but it removes the insects and they will stay away after the webs have been washed off.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a social problem which becomes everyone’s problem, we remove graffiti and provide graffiti coating solutions for property managers that need solutions fast. We aim for same day or next day service for graffiti removal.

Bird Repellent

ADLER are agents for B-ST Bird Repellent Systems, this organic – vegetable based paste is a natural deterrent that keeps pigeons and other birds away from your building. It is best used on beams/ledges and sheltered areas where birds tend to nest and congregate. B-ST paste has been installed successfully on many buildings in NZ to protect stock, vehicles and eating areas from unwanted visitors. To find out more about ADLER’s Bird Free Gel please click the following link

Builders Clean

If you are a construction company and require a final builders clean to remove all construction dust before hand over day, send us your elevation plans and we’ll provide a quote for your project.

Working at Heights

ADLER have trained operators available for swing stage and abseil cleaning operations.


Large Building Cleaning Specialists

ADLER are specialists in cleaning large-scale buildings and structures like stadiums and bulk store warehouses.

Ask us about our special rates for large buildings.