Pigeon Control

Bird Free Gel (BFG) is a harmless, safe and very effective pigeon control product used to deter feral pigeons and many other birds from roosting or nesting on buildings and other structures.

BFG is supplied in ready-to-use plastic dishes (65mm diameter; 8mm high). These come in a plain or magnetic option and are affixed to surfaces with commercially available silicone adhesive – or direct to metal substrates via an inbuilt magnetic strip (on the BFG Magnetic version)

The Gel works by attacking the Optical and Sensory senses in birds – in simple terms; If you are a bird, it looks like FIRE and smells horrible.

Where can it be used?

Under and around HVAC units
Ledges / Beams / Underside of Canopies / Parapets / Window sills
Light Poles
Flat roof areas (i.e. side roofs and dormers)
High rise garden installations
Where can it not be used?

There aren’t many places BFG can’t perform – in many cases, it comes down to the cost of the solution versus the cost of the problem – our representatives will visit and ascertain the suitability of Bird Free Gel for your property.
How long does it last?

Bird Free Gel was been installed on an exposed chimney pot in central London 6 years ago – and is still 100% effective in spite of being covered in dust and exposed to the elements. In a protected environment it is anticipated BFG will last many years without any need of replenishment. It is currently installed and protecting buildings, stadiums and other large structures all over the world.
Once a landing or nesting area is cleaned and treated – they stay away. It is as simple as that.

ADLER have trained installers to treat any commercial property throughout NZ. We guarantee Bird Free Gel for 2 years when installed by trained Adler technicians

Alternatively, you can purchase the trays in cartons of 15 units for *self-installation. Click on the link below to go to our contacts page or email us right now to inquire; service@adler.co.nz 


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