Cleaning Programmes

At ADLER Commercial Building Wash Services we make it easy for you to keep your buildings in top condition – one of our tailored cleaning programmes does exactly that.

A commercial property or facilities manager has more than enough on their plate – and remembering to get the gutters checked or the windows cleaned is a detail that we can take care of for you.

Cleaning can be one less thing to worry about.


First of all – we listen to your cleaning requirements and those of your tenants, get a clear understanding of your expectations and budgets and present you with a formal easy to read the proposal for the programme of work.

When we both reach an agreement, we schedule the project in our management software and work on a health and safety plan together. A site-specific safety plan (SSSP) will be sent to your H&S representative for approval and input, we will issue the necessary Task Analysis forms, Worksafe Notifications and Traffic management plans as required. This is a top priority at ADLER, while some operators in our market prefer to eliminate these costs and absorb the risks – we can not and will not put this risk in the hands of our clients who are ultimately responsible for anything that occurs on their site.

Once we have your project in our system, we set it to recur at an agreed frequency. When that time comes, we both get a reminder that your next clean is due and we contact you to book it in again. You will receive an automatic email reminder requesting approval to proceed.

Why don’t we just go ahead and do it?

Because we recognise that circumstances can change and the timing may not always suit your tenants, that’s why we always ask first.

We believe in flexibility and transparency and our client partnerships are based on these principles. Things do change, tenants, budgets & markets – and we move with the times alongside our client’s requirements. We don’t rely on fixed contracts that tie people down for several years – we prefer to back our workmanship and trust the solid relationship with our clients to earn the work next time around.

ADLER perform many functions and offer a complete service package when it comes to exterior cleaning. In addition to this, ADLER also performs other add-on support services on behalf of property managers to support them in their work – things like drone inspections and photo condition reports tracking the state of your properties throughout the year.

We happen to know that when we make your life easier, we become the go-to for your property cleaning needs. 

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