Pest Control Services

Our pest spraying service is an effective solution for keeping spiders and other bugs off - and out of your building

There is really nothing worse than resident spiders messing up your building – especially if you are trying to convey a great first impression for your clients or residents. A 6 monthly insect spray treatment is a great investment to mitigate this issue.

How often does it need to be done and when is the best time?

There are many recommendations on the internet about the best seasons to spray – but as far as we’re concerned you can spray anytime throughout the year. We see spider webs all year round, spiders need to eat and their web is their pantry. That said – they do hibernate during the colder months so spraying mid-winter is probably not going to be as effective as in Spring or Summer

Most people would notice more activity in Autumn and Spring, when it gets cooler the spiders tend to come inside (loud shrieks ensue..), and in Spring when everything is buzzing there seem to be more webs built to catch the abundance of flying food.

Short answer – we do spray all year round and get great results whatever the season. Ultimately we recommend 6 monthly for our commercial clients and we like to spray a few weeks prior to a building wash or window clean.

What it is and how does it work?

We use Kiwicare’s commercial-grade Deltamethrin 15SC which is a professional strength, long-lasting insect control product. It kills 99% common insect pests – see the list below. Sprayed surfaces are safe to children and pets (as well as adults we assume) Overspray will not damage plants around your building.

When spraying we target foundations, vents, window and door frames and any protruding structures like canopies,, louvres & architectural facades, light fittings and signs. On some long run iron-clad buildings we spray all the walls if spiders have build nests between the ridges in the iron. When a spider or insect walks over a treated surface – especially their webs, they pick up the residue and subsequently turn up their toes.

Alder Building Wash Services Pest Control - Pest Control Services for Spiders and Pests


Fogging interiors
Spraying exterior surfaces
This not the look you want for your business..

Our Deltamethrin 15SC Insect treatment controls;

Crawling insects/spiders Including:
Carpet Beetle
House Spiders
Whitetail Spider

Flying insects Including:
House Flies
Cluster Flies
Blow Flies
Clothe Moths/ Pantry Moths
Fruit Flies

Can you spray inside my office or warehouse?

Most certainly, we use a fogging method for interior spaces and this will be done after hours or when no one is around. We recommend a minimum of 4 hours vacancy before re-entering the working area. If there is poor ventilation  – we recommend 24 hours before re-entering the area.

Do you do general pest control (rodent traps etc)

No – in a word.We have excellent working relationships with people that do however so submit your enquiry below and we will pass it on.

Ask about including an insect spray treatment to your cleaning programme, for a small fee you can enjoy a web and insect free building all year round.