Gutter Cleaning

We haven't yet met a property manager who likes flooding callouts... sound familiar?

Gutters – every building has them and they serve an important purpose so don’t neglect them.

We’re yet to meet a property manager that enjoys getting frantic phone calls about internal leaks from overflowing gutters. If you manage or care for property, take it from us – gutters, sumps and rain-heads on commercial roofs get overlooked and reactive maintenance can be costly.

If your building has internal parapet channels or valleys you should be extra vigilant – these are prime locations for birds (dead and alive) to reside and block the flow. Regular checking and cleaning is much more cost effective than reactive repairs and cleaning.

We use drone technology for roof and gutter inspections

Access to roofs is fundamentally dangerous so we invested in a drone to mitigate the need to access a roof every time we need to conduct an inspection.

Alder Building Wash Services Gutter Cleaning Services - Drone Technology for Roof and Gutter Inspections
We conduct Roof and Gutter inspections via Drone – anywhere in the country by arrangement.

Rain heads and Sumps

Rain heads and sumps are traps for a good reason, and they should be top of the list for maintenance. Recommended best practice is to check them every 3 months

Alder Building Wash Services Gutter Cleaning Services - Clogged and Blocked Roof Gutter Sumps Overdue for Roof Cleaning
Examples of gutter sumps overdue for cleaning
Sometimes hand cleaning is the only way
This is less than 8 months worth of build up.

We recommend that every property manager schedules a quarterly or bi-annual gutter inspection, we’re happy to suggest a frequency determined by the location, height and environment your roof is in. Low-level roofs in leafy business parks will need more frequent checking than a high rise building or a high stud large warehouse roof in a new development.

A routine 20-minute check and spot clean is a cost-effective way to keep on top of gutter problems.

We can reach up to 2 levels from the ground using high reach vacuum equipment. If this can’t be done on your building, we have trained operators with all the necessary equipment to work safely on your roof.