Environmental Disinfecting – 3 simple reasons why…

By Andrew Fisher | Apr 5, 2020

3 common questions answered – and 3 reasons for protecting your people, your property and your brand into the future.

Is your business ready to re-open?

In a few weeks things are hopefully going to begin a return to normal – the new normal that is. Malls and other public places will ease open their doors and retail operators will begin selling their wares, gyms will admit members and restaurants will fire up their grills. Schools will open and construction sites will crank into gear. But what will be different? Will people brave the elements to enter your shop, order a meal at your restaurant or browse the isles of the local library? (we could go on, Airports, Bus stops, playgrounds, churches, cinemas, stadiums..)

What have you put in place to reassure your clients and guests that your building is safe to be in.? Whether we like it or not – there is going to be a bit of paranoia out there and we’ll need to put measures in place to manage people’s fears.

Reason #1 – You will most likely have to demonstrate that you have a clean and hygienic facility for your tenants, guests and clients.

What is Environmental disinfecting?

Environmental disinfecting is a procedure to effectively sanitise all surfaces within or outside a property, it involves fogging or spraying a fine mist no-rinse sanitiser over everything. Fogging is a very fine mist which settles on the surfaces without wetting or damaging them. Paper and other absorbent materials will have to be covered over but that’s about the only precaution taken before spraying out an office or classroom. Carpets, curtains and furniture are included in the process and 30 – 60 minutes is generally all that is required to re-enter the room.

This probably won’t be the last pandemic we see, and we have been warned about super-bugs for decades. The medical world will no doubt frantically continue the development of new antidotes for viruses and other diseases but meanwhile, our awareness and synonymously our cleaning habits have changed – they’ve had to and it’s most likely going to be a permanent change.

Cleaning programmes aren’t going to be as they were before and property managers and cleaning companies are going to have to re-look at current procedures and systems to ensure every surface is bug-free.

Reason #2 – Environmental disinfecting is the fastest and cheapest way to disinfect a facility and protect people.

How do we know it works?

The burning question is – that’s all very well, but how do we know it works?

Surprisingly, there is not a great deal of data publicly available from labs about how surface sanitising works or its life span – one or two manufacturers out there have claims that can’t necessarily be substantiated. There is however well established and industry accepted know-how on how certain sanitisers work and why they are effective.

There is more information and some external links on our website with this information to reassure you. In simple terms, the sanitizers used in our applications are broad spectrum long-lasting residual surface sanitizers and are designed to protect for several days and in some cases several weeks. Surface testing is available for peace of mind – however, the results can be inconclusive as you can’t physically test every surface that has been touched.

It is a generally accepted and well known fact that QAC sanitiser is forever stable and doesn’t lose its potency for killing germs over time no matter the frequency it’s being used at – it is reactivated when wet.
QAC needs 10 minutes of wet dwell time to kill bacteria on a surface so once sprayed the surfaces will be germ-free, airborne or transmitted bacteria will also die on contact. Other types of sanitizer such as Hydrogen peroxide or Alcohol-based will kill the virus within 1 minute!

Reason #3 – It works – and a weekly or bi-monthly spraying regime will be sufficient to maintain a good level of sanitation at your property. It’s 1000 times better than taking no action at all.

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Take action now - contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives. The links below contain more information which may be helpful in answering any further questions you have about this type of cleaning service. Remember it won't cost you anything to ask!

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