What is ‘back to business’ going to look like for you?

By Andrew Fisher | Apr 14, 2020

What is 'back to business' going to look like for you?

We’re yet to find out what the next level restrictions will look like but it is assumed some of us may be able to head back to work in some capacity – that might mean we’ll be back at our place of work if it happens to be a business that can safely start-up operations again.

No doubt social distancing will remain for some time at a practical level, but we may end up in a larger ‘bubble’ when it comes to shared working spaces, offices, washrooms, cafeterias and the likes.

So how do we manage this?

Here are a few steps or tips we’re gathered up from various commentary over the last few weeks;

  • Sanitise sanitise sanitise – hand washing is still the most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of germs, not just Coronaviruses – any transmittable disease. The fastest way to do this is by regularly using of Alcohol hand rubs. 70% and above is the recommended alcohol content.
  • Clean your workplace, you can sanitise all you like but sanitising dirty surfaces is ineffective at best – and a completely useless exercise at worse.
  • Focus on the touchpoints – Phones, Keyboards, Door handles, Lift buttons – you get the drift
  • Stop touching your face – masks are actually a deterrent from this but it takes a conscious effort to train yourself to stop picking, scratching or rubbing our mugs
  • Shared workspaces may not be the norm now, flexible working spaces may have been a trend in recent years but it makes sense to stay put and own your workspace – be it a desk, excavator or assembly bench
  • Rostered staff days may be needed to ensure distancing can be achieved
  • Sanitise the joint – top to bottom. Surface bacteria is everywhere, it always has been and the most effective way to hit it all at once is to fog the inside and spray the outside. Don’t be scared to do it – it’s not expensive and there are plenty of competent people out there who will do a good job of it. Just make sure the place is generally cleaned first.
  • Don’t panic-buy toilet paper…. you probably know that one already! 🙂

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We recently posted a blog on our website about this Germ War and environmental sanitising methods. Check it out; https://adler.co.nz/the-germ-war/

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