Environmental Sanitizing – should we do it?

By Andrew Fisher | Mar 22, 2020

How far should you go with cleaning and sanitising during this current threat?

.. and furthermore – is this something we should build into our regular cleaning programmes from here on?

Given the stringent lock-down measures in many countries – we obviously need to be taking this virus very seriously. These lockdown measures are potentially crippling and could and will effect long-term damage to some industries, probably at most risk are the many small businesses that proliferate NZ. We are an island nation which has advantages at times like this – but it’s proven that we’re certainly not immune to a global pandemic and its debilitating side-effects.

The international guidelines for preventing the spread of this virus focus on social distancing, personal hygiene & cleaning – it’s a wake-up call for anyone who has been blasé towards cleaning in the past so take a moment to review your current processes and come up with a plan to protect yourself, your team, clients or residents – whoever it may be.

Apart from the well-publicised personal hygiene practices (hand washing etc) – large scale disinfecting of surfaces such as seen on the news in badly hit countries can be done at a small scale in your office or warehouse. This is not that sophisticated – in spite of some marketers approach – so don’t pay more than you need to.

It’s a process that is well established in every food processing facility and many medical facilities  – and has been used for decades. A No-rinse sanitiser is often a Quat or Alcohol-based disinfectant that is sprayed or fogged on to surfaces (hard and soft) and left to dry. Without getting too scientific about it – airborne and touch transmitted bacteria will not survive on a treated surface. 

We’ve published a page on this service which we have been involved in recently in a private capacity – and now we feel compelled to offer it to our wider client base as a recurring service. This pandemic has probably changed our lives forever and we need to change with it.

Your current cleaning contractor may offer this service as well – we recommend you talk to them about it but if you get stuck talk to us and if we have the capacity to assist – we certainly will.

Read more about it on our website https://adler.co.nz/environmental-disinfecting-services/

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