Sparkling windows don’t have to cost the earth

By Andrew Fisher | May 17, 2020

Sparkling windows don’t have to cost the earth, today’s technology has changed the way we clean and the property owner is the beneficiary both in terms of cost and a cleaner building. Next time you see a cleaner using a water-fed pole and brush to clean a building – don’t assume it’s a Mitre10 setup and *straight out council tap water.

So what has changed?

Carbon fibre and water filtration methods are the main factors, lightweight poles enable operators to reach to 4 or 5 levels from the ground, while this may not work on every building design – it certainly cuts out the need for an elevated work platform in many cases (EWP). Today’s poles are light by comparison – but can still weigh between 3 & 5 kg each, which is certainly felt after 1/2 an hour or so…  Yes, this kind of cleaning builds the biceps a bit more but that’s ok – saves going to the Gym.

Ultra-Pure water is not new exactly – but the use of it in window cleaning is still growing, ION exchange resin water filters are used to be moon money and out of reach for smaller operators from a cost perspective – but nowadays they are more affordable and commonplace. In our opinion not common enough as many still prefer the traditional and somewhat slower way of mop and blade cleaning and the use of chemicals.

So how can plain water leave windows sparkling?

It’s not that difficult, in layman’s terms (layperson for political correctness) pure water has had its solids taken out of it. The spots you see on the glass after cleaning with straight tap water – especially in areas where mineral content in the water is high – are the ‘solids’ left on the glass as the water has evaporated. An ION exchange resin filter removes the solids from the water before it hits the glass – hence there are no spots left when the water has evaporated.

That’s how you achieve sparkling clean windows  – chemical-free.

In more complex terms, Ion exchange resins are used to soften water by replacing the cations with sodium ions (and possibly the anions with chloride ions) of sodium chloride. They may also be used to demineralize water where the cations are replaced by H+ ions and the anions are replaced by OH− ions Got that?

…and how does this save me money?

Less labour for a start, Pure-water cleaning is fast as it’s a single action. No dipping, scrubbing, blading & then wiping edges. Scrub and rinse  – that’s it. Operators can move around your building rather quick and when labour is 80% or more of the cleaning cost – this makes a difference.

No ladders, often no EWP’s, (traffic management etc etc) You get the drift.


As an example, we are cleaning a 600 sqm, 3 story office building from the ground for less than $500.00 All done from the ground;

  • Health and safety is a breeze,
  • The cost is low = it can be cleaned more often = better first impressions = happy tenants
  • No noise – no beeping EWP, no ladders scraping the wall
  • No intrusion – cleaners are nowhere near your windows, reading your emails as they clean!

The benefits are crystal clear – and your windows will be too.

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*a word of caution, it is, unfortunately, a known fact that some less scrupulous operators in our industry promote Pure-water window cleaning but don’t even use it – we’ve seen it with our own eyes, a hose running from the tap – straight to the pole… and this is on high profile CBD properties as well. Keep an eye out is the best suggestion. A Resin filter is usually a cylinder or two with a tap water hose going in and a smaller lightweight hose coming out and into the pole. In some cases, a tank already filled with filtered water can be used so ask your cleaner for proof!

There is a limit to the length of our poles.. Pure water window cleaning is still better for our hi-rise work.
Typical business park office building - cleaned from the ground
Sparkling windows - chemical free

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