Roof Washing is IMPORTANT

By Andrew Fisher | Nov 12, 2018

Check out this example of a commercial roof cleaning exercise.

Commercial roofs are mostly out of sight and all too often out of mind – treat this as a free reminder that your roof absolutely needs cleaning on a regular cycle just like the walls and windows. (and your car for that matter)

This particular property is in an industrial area of Heathcote, close to a busy arterial route – and like virtually all commercial buildings it gathers airborne dirt, road film and bird droppings that slowly corrode away the surface coatings.

Contrary to popular belief – rain alone is not enough to clean your roof!

Something we often come across is swarf and building materials left on roofs by others, HVAC, roof repair technicians and the likes may not always collect every screw and metal offcut they drop. These, if left on the surface will eventually rust through the roof cladding so our roof clean will remove these as well.

Specialists know how to apply the right mix of cleaning agent and pressure to bring it back to good health again. Our operators are well trained and hold all the appropriate licenses to work at height, they will install temporary safety systems for the job and remove when done.

Roof cleaning is not complex – of course, it has added challenges and safety is paramount – but don’t let that put you off getting your roof and gutters cleaned annually or at the very least every 18 – 24 months.

Cleaning is a lot cheaper than premature roof replacement – that, we can guarantee!

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