Pigeons… every property managers nightmare

By Andrew Fisher | Oct 15, 2018

This article has some interesting numbers on one of the more unsavoury problems commercial property owners & managers have to deal with regularly … Pigeons. (not to mention the people that have to clean up after them.) Did you know that a pair of breeding Pigeons can raise up to six broods a year? Each of those can be 2 eggs so that’s 12 offspring per set of parents – each year! Spread that amongst a flock of 20 or 30 and the numbers are staggering. Ovocontrol is a solution that local councils and D.O.C need to look at seriously. I understand Key Industries are the NZ distributor for Ovocontrol and have been working on licencing it for use in NZ for a few years now. Let’s hope it gets out into the market soon because it is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in prevention and cleaning costs each year. A question you might ask, Pigeon deterrent and cleaning is part of our business so why would we promote something that potentially restricts sales? The answer is simple and two-fold; a) we dislike exposing our staff to the bio-hazardous pigeon waste and b) we’d rather our clients spend their maintenance budget on more important things! – i.e. regular roof & facade cleaning to maintain a better quality building & image.

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