Our Service Guarantee

Our commitment to you is that we will deliver our services as quoted to the best of our ability, if we get it wrong or can’t complete it as expected – for whatever reason, we’d like to assure you with the following points;

General Cleaning

  1. If the cleaning result is not as you expected, please let us know (if we haven’t pointed it out first) and we will return at our cost to make good. If we can not improve the result due to underlying surface condition, we will discuss this with you and arrive at an agreement for another solution.
  2. If it is poor workmanship on our operators part, we follow an internal process whereby the operator is met with, the issues are discussed and further training or management is put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  3. If your building leaks during cleaning our teams will assist in making good and cleaning up. Please note, however, due to some building designs and where age or wear and tear is a factor we may not always be responsible for leaks. We can usually determine this and will phot graph suspect areas prior to starting if they are obvious
  4. Rainwater goods on buildings can be complex, sometimes roof iron overlaps make gutters hard to access and therefore clean. Please bear this in mind and a different methodology or further maintenance work may be required. We may point this out to you before or during the cleaning process as it is not possible to see every section if any during the quoting process.
  5. Glass cleaning is usually straightforward, our systems will clean general dirt from glass but will not remove already present spotting or engrained stains from lime or other minerals. If this is the case on your building we can not guarantee a perfect result.
  6. We allow 3 days window for reporting exterior glass cleaning issues, anything after this time will not be considered as windblown dust, rain and other elements can soil glass very quickly.
  7. We guarantee to maintain insurance cover of 10 million so you are covered.


Bird Free Gel Repellent Systems (BFG)

  1. We guarantee BFG for 2 years (24 months) from the date of installation when it is installed by one of our approved installers as per our specifications.
  2. If BFG is tampered with or moved by others it will void the guarantee.
  3. If BFG is covered over by leaves or heavy debris through lack of maintenance it will be ineffective and void the guarantee
  4. BFG is not designed to be a broad area solution for birds, it will only work in the areas where it is immediately present and is effective within a set radius of up to 30sm. It will not stop birds from flying through doorways, landing on roofs, or flying past the Gel.