Gutter cleaning – why you shouldn’t put it off…

By Andrew Fisher | Apr 24, 2020

(image only – video link is below)

These images taken from real life jobs we've done could be enough to remind you that gutters cannot be left to fend for themselves... but if not, keep reading and check out the video below.

Blocked gutter sumps
Heavy gutter debris build up
Debris build up from nesting birds - washed in to gutter channels

We’re pretty certain you don’t need 4 paragraphs of helpful content explaining the ins and outs of Gutters and all the reasons for their existence and the importance of regular gutter cleaning….do you..?

No.. we thought not.

Instead, we thought this short video clip might help you see what can happen if you skip this important maintenance.

So just take this as a reminder – at this time of the year – to get them checked and cleaned. It’s autumn, leaves and other decaying material is on your roofs and there’s every chance your rain heads, roof valleys and gutter channels are looking just like the pictures above.

If you do want more information there is nothing stopping you from reading our Gutter Cleaning page in our service section.

Some helpful things to know;

  • If you are one of our regular clients – ask about a drone* inspection of your rainwater goods and roof.

  • If you are not – that’s a good enough reason to become one (it’s free to join)

  • Gutter cleaning is ranked among the 10 most unpleasant jobs on the planet**

  • It’s usually not even that expensive – cheaper than the alternative at least.

  • Quotes are free, don’t be afraid to ask for one. We can estimate rather well from our desk with some clever online tools

* drone inspections are subject to availability and airspace restrictions
**ok – so we did make that bit up.. !

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