Environmental Disinfecting - Interior & Exterior

Disinfect your work surfaces to protect your tenants, guests, pupils, clients - and yourself

ADLER have developed an Environmental Disinfecting & Sanitizing programme using guidance from NZ Ministry of Health and best practices for large scale disinfecting of surfaces. This service is offered to all business and public spaces that wish to take precautionary measures to protect guests, staff, pupils, customers or tenants.

Our sanitisation process involves hand spraying and machine fogging all hard and soft surfaces using two specialist QAC, Hydrogen peroxide and Alcohol-based sanitisers – all tried and tested as effective against Coronaviruses. We focus on touchpoints including equipment, furniture, desks, computers, doors, floors, kitchens and toilets. This service is applicable for external surfaces as well as internal – entrances, handrails, bike parks, car parks, fuel pump bowsers, bus shelters etc

As a general rule, surfaces will stay sterilized for a week or more – the service should be repeated monthly when the risk of illness is high. (i.e. high volume properties)

Some general information on sanitisers:

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner/Sanitiser

  • Powerful concentrated hard surface sanitiser with 7.99% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Developed specifically for reducing infectivity of coronaviruses, known to persist on surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic for up to 9 days.
  • Suitable for use in commercial, industrial, health care and other public facilities.

QAC Based Sanitiser

  • A product that is based on Quaternary Ammonium (QAC) cations.
  • Used for all surfaces
  • Has a 10-second kill, meaning it must be in contact for 10 seconds in order to the kill the germs, but it is steady and consistent.
  • It is forever stable and doesn’t lose its potency for killing germs over time no matter the frequency it’s being used at.
  • It is not a harsh chemical in any way shape or form.
  • It is very light in odour.

Alcohol Based Sanitiser

  • Alcohol-based hard surface sanitisers evaporate after use. Particularly suited for water sensitive equipment and frequently contacted touchpoints like door handles, lifts and keyboards/phones.

(Note – Whilst it is very effective, we don’t use Hypochlorite (Bleach) as a sprayed sanitiser as it is harsher on the environment and people.)

Our sanitising teams are available 24 hours a day (by arrangement)

Each clean is followed up with a report, detailing surfaces and areas covered, when they were cleaned and who by. A site sign is available for your main entrance to let visitors know your building is sanitised regularly.

ADLER are offering precautionary, recurring cleans for clients requiring the highest levels of hygiene.

Talk to us today about the process. Email; service@adler.co.nz

Custom printed signs to show you care

We have designed a sign which shows visitors to your property that you practice a high level of hygiene within your facility. Upon entry visitors will know that you have a disinfection g regimen place and be directed to your site protocols.

These are designed to be custom branded with your company logo and relevant details and can be custom printed as you wish.

Supplied free of charge with all our recurring environmental disinfecting programmes.

We can provide door signs for your property - custom printed with your brand on them