Cleaning Maintenance – not just for aesthetics

By Andrew Fisher | May 24, 2020

There has been a bit of commentary about Government property lately, one particular post I saw recently talked about how Governments and councils own some of the best and well-built buildings around – brand new Hospitals and the likes – but don’t always have an effective maintenance programme or room in the budget to clean them. Speaking from an exterior cleaning perspective, some of our Hospitals are the dirtiest buildings around and they’re that way because DHB’s don’t want to be slandered for spending money on washing windows when people are waiting for surgery. This is fair enough – but there has to be a balance somewhere.

Surely a clean building exterior promotes better care all around (perception is a powerful tool) and gives patients and visitors the impression that they will be well cared for once inside? This is true for any building, not just hospitals. Your home, offices, venues for worship and entertainment, eating houses – right down to your local fish & chip shop – FIRST IMPRESSIONS can not be underestimated and the first thing people see is your building. It’s said a book is judged by its cover, by the same attribute, the quality of education at a school is going to be judged by its appearance, a dentist with a dirty practice is going to be questionable and if you can not see through the windows of a restaurant – will you trust their food handling hygiene practices inside…? 

Don’t underestimate the marketing potential your property has. Oftentimes it is your biggest billboard and should be looked after as such.

Furthermore, cleaning maintenance lengthens the life of any building and greatly reduces the need for urgent reactive maintenance which is always more expensive. A $600 gutter clean 2 times a year is always cheaper than a $5,000.00 + clean up bill which might include carpet cleaning, replacing ceiling tiles, installing new gib and loss of productivity.

It is at this time of the year you notice over-flowing gutters, spider webs and moss on buildings – even built-up dirt from the warm summer winds. This sort of environment only attracts pests and birds to your building – they don’t thrive in a sterile clean environment because there is no food source but if your building facade represents the beginnings of a rain forest then it’ll become a magnet for pests. Spiders move in to catch the flies, birds move in to eat the spiders, nests are built, eggs are laid and drains get blocked, gutters become gardens and the cycle continues.

Cleaning doesn’t cost – it pays.



Check out the video below, a compilation of the services rendered to Christchurch Town Hall – a local Government property being cared for in the right way.

Video credit – Dean Borland, ADLER Team leader

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