Old versus New… window cleaning explained

By Andrew Fisher | Nov 21, 2018

Why is 'Reach & Wash' Cleaning so Effective?

Window cleaning with Ultra-Pure Water isn’t a new thing, but it is a technology that has been rather slow to market down under. We Kiwis can be a traditional bunch and the old soft wash and squeegee method of cleaning has remained the most popular – because it works so well and it is cheap to set up.

That doesn’t mean it is the best for every situation though, on a commercial glass facade you might see 3-4 people hanging from ropes hand scrubbing the glass for days on end, or they might be in a MEWP doing the same. This – in our view is out of date and expensive with added risks. Investing a few thousand $ in a pure water system might be a stretch too far for some – but we’ve embraced this technology wholeheartedly because it has so many benefits.The ‘reach and wash’ as it’s referred to by some, is the mainstay of exterior window cleaning in Europe and it has been our preferred method of cleaning for since 2012 – here’s why;

  • It’s fast – which means it’s also cost effective, so you can either save money – or clean more often within the same budget for a better-looking building and happier tenants.
  • It is less labour intensive – one operator using a pure water system can easily clean 3 – 4 times faster than an operator using wash and squeegee. (that’s us being modest too)
  • Most buildings can be cleaned from the safety of the ground – up to 5 stories at least using Ultra lightweight carbon fibre poles. We use a Microfibre cleaning pad or a soft bristled brush.
  • It is very effective – pure water is filtered using Ion-exchange resin filters and runs out the end of the hose at 0.0 ppm (no solids) This means that droplets of water evaporate off the glass and leave no residue or spots behind.

How does it work? Pure water penetrates dirt much easier than tap water – this allows it to clean quicker and leave no streaks or spots. Heated Pure water systems are even more effective. No chemicals are used in this process.

Did you know that some new glass panels can be easily scratched? There have been some expensive insurance claims from would-be window cleaners using the wrong equipment or inferior methods. Choose carefully.

ADLER specalise in commercial scale exterior cleaning across NZ, window cleaning is a huge part of this with new facades like the above video a classic example of modern architecture – glass, glass and more glass!

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