About Us

ADLER Commercial Building Wash Services has a long history in commercial maintenance cleaning for New Zealand’s major commercial real estate management companies as well as many others besides.

Previously operating under the PJF brand – this division was rebranded in 2018 to better reflect our type of service. In fact we thought we’d grow a pair of wings and go to market under our new brand – ADLER.
Since you asked, ‘where did Adler come from’ – well sit tight and we’ll explain;

Coming up with a new name for an existing brand/business is actually a lot harder than it looks! We wanted to go ‘animal’ so in the end the mighty eagle was selected, it’s the apex predator in the avian world (which is a good start). Like us, eagles enjoy flying at high altitude for great lengths of time, this is one characteristic that makes them unique, also (insert drum roll).. an eagle will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey.
The name ADLER to us represents strength, competitiveness and remaining the top of the game. (side note; Adler means ‘Eagle’ in German)

We have office locations in both Auckland and Christchurch and we have the skill and expertise to effectively manage any small or large-scale building wash project throughout the country. Our ready team of cleaning operators will transform those first impressions for you – year in year out.

Our People

We believe in the often-quoted saying that people buy off people, and it’s the people that make the difference at ADLER. You can expect to be treated as a professional and with respect.

This is something we live and breathe at ADLER, it’s drummed into our operators and customer service people so the same professional vibes are felt from every department in our team.

Andrew Fisher

Managing Director

Geoff Scott

Operations Manager - National

Jeff Fautua

Team Leader - Auckland

Dean Borland

Christchurch Team Leader

Kurt Borland (from a distance!)

Christchurch Operator

Work with us

Are you looking for a rewarding career in the commercial building wash industry?

Enjoy flexible hours and a physical workout every day! We’re always looking for compatible and willing people to add to our team, we’re a growing professional cleaning company and opportunities exist in most main centres around NZ. If you can relate to our values and like a challenge, send your details and CV to service@adler.co.nz and we’ll start the conversation.

Our Values


Yes we know, it’s a bit boring but it’s a serious value of ours. The cleaning industry (in a broad sense) is not generally known for professionalism but we’re different. At ADLER, our presentation, our speech, and our workmanship is professional – no exceptions.


Maybe a title rather than a value but we still hold on to our old tried and true slogan, Caretakers of your first impressions. We see value in the same things as you, and we task ourselves to make your investments look properly cared for.


We are dedicated to delivering what is required of us – and a little bit more. They say price is what you pay, value is what you get. At ADLER we challenge ourselves to go the extra mile and bring some extra value to your cleaning investment. It might be a cleaning a sign or a footpath- or taking away some rubbish, just something extra of value for you and your tenants.